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What sort of materials are required to pack your house?

We will be able to guide you on what sort of boxes and the quantity that will be required. Certain items should be transported in specially crafted boxes to ensure they don’t get damaged. Clothes and glasses have specially designed boxes that ensure packing is efficient and the good secured for transport. If you choose to use your own boxes extra tape, bubble wrap and packing time may be required to ensure all items are suitably secured for the move.

Does your quote include the cost of packing materials?

We can provide you with an all inclusive price that will include the cost of all the required packing materials. If we do not specify the packing supplies are included then their will be additional fees.

What do moving materials such as boxes and bubble wrap cost?

The price of materials can vary depending if you hire the materials or you buy the materials outright. If we perform a full packing and unpacking service of your house then we will be able to reuse the packing materials which can lead to a significant saving.

Do you pack food items such as food in the fridge or freezer?

Packing your house will normally be scheduled for the day before your move so items in the fridge won’t be packed to avoid them being spoiled.

Do you pack our bedding?

If your bedding is available to be packed prior to you moving then we will pack your bedding. If you need to sleep on the being before the move day then we won’t pack your being but can arrange to have appropriate boxes and packing materials left behind to allow for your bedding to be packed on the day of the move.

How will you know where to put my belongings when you unpack?

We will allocate a packing and unpacking supervisor to your job who will work closely with you at all times to ensure things repacked and unpacked the way you desire. We will take notes and photographs if a room is to be unpacked the same way as it was originally

What if I have display units that I would like unpacked exactly as I had them previously?

We can take photographs of display suits prior to packing them to ensure that when they are unpacked everything gets put back in its original place.

How many packers will I require?

When we are able to determine the size of the job we will guid you on the appropriate amount of packers need to complete your job safely and on time. You can also hire our packers on an ad hoc basis to follow your direction for as long as you need, we have a minimum hire time of 2 staff for 4 hours work.

Can you unpack my house not the same day as the furniture is delivered?

Yes we can organise to unpack your house on the same day as long as the removalist arrives in the morning on the day of the move. We can organise to have more staff present to ensure the job is done as quickly as possible.

Can you organise the removalsits also?

Yes we can organise the removalist if you need. We don’t move the furniture ourselves but do have long standing relationships with removalist we trust and we know are competitively priced.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have insurance in the event of an accident occurring whilst your goods are in our care. In the unlikely event that an item is broken whilst your goods are in our physical and legal control they will be covered by insurance. In the event of your goods being damaged whilst in transit and delivery then insurance is the responsibility of the removalist company you use. If you get us to organise you a removalist then all our preferred removalsits have insurance.

Do we work on weekends?

Yes we work on both Saturdays and Sundays although different rates may apply due to penalty rates incurred in accordance with Australia’s Fair Work policies.

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